Annuities & Structured Settlements

Approved funders now make direct ‘Guaranteed’ cash bids for your Structured Settlement payments, Annuity payments and Lottery Annuity payments.

Selling Structured Settlement payments today is a huge decision.

First, do your Homework!

Josh's structured settlement exchange testimonial

Selling or transferring Structured Settlement Payments can be quite costly. If advertisements of FAST CASH for selling Structured Settlement payments alarm and disturb you, they should. Know your rights and understand the process in your state before you sell lottery payments or sell structured settlements.
The overall process of transferring structured insurance settlements can seem complex, but we have made it quite simple for our members to receive no obligation guaranteed bids.

• Complete this simple contact form or call us toll free at 855 2 EXCHANGE to start the process and begin to receive no obligation guaranteed quotes on your structured settlement payments.

• We typically have your first bid within an hour.

• None of your personal or contact information is accessible to potential buyers. They will not and cannot contact you directly. Your contact information is only shared with your approval and only after you have accepted a bid. You are under no obligation whatsoever to accept a bid.

Our approach:

• Most structured settlement payment streams differ. The Insurance Company rating, the amount of your structured settlement payment, the duration of your structured settlement payments, and your State factor into arriving at a value. It usually only takes about 10 minutes to get the basic information we need to submit your payment stream to bid amongst our approved funders.

• Your personal information is not revealed during the bidding process and you will not be contacted by any of the approved funders. Your information is only given to the highest and best bidder after you have accepted the bid and you are under no obligation to do so.

• We always advise that you seek your own legal counsel and strongly urge you to steer clear of anyone that states otherwise.

• All of our offers are net. Your direct wire transfer at closing will match the initial offer, Guaranteed. All costs are paid directly by the buyer.

• Your dedicated State Expert will help you gain a complete understanding of what you have, the expected timeline for your state and then prep the specifics for bid.

‘Settlement Exchange puts structured settlement sellers together with structured settlement buyers. Our network of experienced professionals, accredited funding sources and qualified state experts assures you that you will get the highest cash offer for your future payments. There is absolutely no risk in securing quality bids for your structured settlement payments.’

855 2-EXCHANGE…. Call today.

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