Settlement Exchange LLC is based in the scenic and historic Outer Banks of North Carolina. North Carolina has one of, if not the, most restrictive Structured Settlement Protection Acts in the United States. The General Assembly of North Carolina voted to implement interest rate limitations as well as fee limits to all Structured Settlement assignments. Many Structured Settlement companies do not transact business in North Carolina for this reason.

We strive to get the best offers for ALL of our members. Selling structured settlement payments, annuity payments and lottery annuities (if your state allows) is truly a life decision and offers can  vary dramatically. Though we were initially founded and structured as an alternative for North Carolina residents who have few options when selling structured settlements, we do transact business in all 50 States and strive to provide the same direct and above market offers to everyone and not just North Carolina residents.

Our network of State Experts, Attorneys and Approved Funding sources assure you that you are getting the best offers for your future payments. Our team has amassed over a hundred years of experience in dealing with all facets of Annuities and Structured Insurance Settlements.

We expect our approved funders to give you their best offer up front, no haggling and there are no hidden expenses.  You are under no obligation to accept any of our bids. All offers are NET and guaranteed to be the amount on your check or wire transfer. Our buyers pay the Court transfer costs and we have never failed to fund a transfer once approved. We boast a 95%+ Court approval rate and commit to completing your transfer in the quickest amount of time allowed in your state.

‘Settlement Exchange puts structured settlement sellers together with structured settlement buyers. Our network of experienced professionals, accredited funding sources and qualified state experts assures you that you will get the highest cash offer for your future payments. There is absolutely no risk in securing quality bids for your structured settlement payments.’


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